There are over 370 children at Castel School and a high proportion come by car. This inevitably gives rise to parking problems and to congested junctions.

Please be aware that there will be delays at peak times.

We ask that you observe the ‘No Parking’ lines and the bus bays and do not leave your car unattended in the queue in the road!

Car Parking

The centre lane and the exits of the lay-by and entrances to the playground must be treated as strictly NO PARKING.

The KS2 playground becomes the ‘Car Park’ at 2.40 p.m. Please do not park on the one-way road by St Germain as it often causes blockages and congestion.

Infant parents need to wait in the usual place in the Infant playground to collect their children and walk them to their cars. No child should enter the car park unaccompanied. When the majority of the layby and road parking has cleared, the gates will be opened to release the cars in the playground. Please be patient whilst this happens. Pupil safety is our primary concern.

At 3.30pm, the ‘car park’ will revert to a playground.

Children are expected to behave sensibly on the bus to allow the driver to concentrate on their driving. Persistent misbehaviour on the school bus will lead to a child’s exclusion from the bus.

Car Parking Information Letter

Cycling to School

Some of the older children cycle to school and we offer Year 6 an opportunity to participate in a cycling proficiency course called ‘Bikeability’. Before children cycle to school, we ask that you read and sign the cycling permission form available from the school office.


The school buses operates every morning and evening.

Pupils who use the afternoon buses are supervised by two members of staff in a classroom until their particular bus arrives. The buses usually depart between 3:15pm and 3:40pm.


 Castel 1A – INTRANSIT (33 seater as doubled with LMDC beforehand)

Rue de Presbytere (Rectory Hill) – Rohais de Haut – Rohais de Bas – Rue des Varendes – L’Aumone – La Neuve Rue – Rue des Cauvains – Rue de La Perruque – Chemin des Monts estate –  Rue de La Perruque – Rue des Cauvains – La Neuve Rue – L’Aumone – Route de Cobo – Mont D’Aval  – Rue des Deslisles – Ruette de la Generotte – Rue de la Masse.


Castel 2A – CT PLUS (28 seater)

Rue de La Vielle Mare – Vazon Road (Vista’s) – Albecq – Sous Les Courtils – Route de La Mare – La Mare Road – Houguette Road – Rue des Delisles – Rue de La Masse.


Afternoon Buses

Castel 1B – CT Plus – (28 seater)

Castel School – Mont D’Aval – La Haye du Puits – Route de Cobo – L’Aumone – Rectory Hill – Rue des Traversains – La Neuve rue – L’Aumone – Les Varendes – Rohais de Bas – Rohais de Haut – Route de L’Eglise – Rue du Preel – Rue des Eturs – Rue de La Porte – Kings Mills Road – Les Grands Moulins – Rue du Gele.

Castel 2 – Intransit – (16 seater)

Rue de La Masse – Les Beaucamps – Les Vieux Beaucamps – Rue de la Perruque (Chemin des Monts Estate) – Rue de La Perruque –  Rue des Cauvains – La Neuve Rue – L’Aumone – Rectory Hill – Rohais de Haut (Courtil Portier estate).

Castel 3 – Intransit (22 seater)

Rue de La Masse – Mont D’Aval – Route de Cobo – Cobo coast road – La Banquette – La Giffarderie – Sous Les Courtils – La Mare Road – La Rocquette – End at Vista’s


Free travel is a concession and not a legal requirement for those living within the statutory walking distance and can be withdrawn at any time.

Children are expected to behave sensibly on the bus to allow the driver to concentrate on driving. Persistent misbehaviour on the school bus will lead to a child’s temporary or permanent exclusion from the bus.