What the School Day looks like

  • 8.45am – 11.55am Infants
  • 8.45am – 12.00pm Juniors
  • 1.10pm – 3.00pm Infants
  • 1.00pm – 3.00pm Juniors

Children should not be dropped off at school before 8.30am. When this is unavoidable, permission should be sought from Ms Paley.

The Juniors may then move into the main playground. The Infants will then move to the bottom of their playground. A teacher will be on duty at this time. In the event of bad weather, the teachers will allow them in before 8.45am.

After School

Pre-school children and parents should wait at the top end of the Infant playground until the children come out.

Once the infant children are out, they may play along the side of the school by the Infant department up to the music hut. They must not go round on the apparatus.

No children should be playing in the quiet area or the junior playground except at playtimes. This is very disruptive to the classes and unfair to the Junior children and teachers.

At the end of the Junior day, children waiting to be picked up should wait in the quiet area only. This helps you and us locate them quickly.

Should you wish to wait on the Quiet Area, you may continue to do so, but we ask that you do this away from the school building.

No child is to leave the premises during school hours without permission.


If your child arrives after the register has been called they will be given a late mark. Should children be regularly late you will be contacted and asked to bring your child on time. It is important that children are on time because lessons start immediately after the register is taken. Late arrivals will miss the start of the lesson or will disrupt the others. Please get into the habit early and bring reception children on time. Registration is done on the computer and you will be given absence and late figures when necessary.


Most children bring a packed lunch to school which they have in their classroom. Children should bring a tea towel to place their lunch on and ensure that they clear their space when they finish. Any uneaten food should be brought home so you are aware of what has been eaten.


During playtimes and lunchtimes, equipment is provided for the Infants. No toys should be brought from home. In the Juniors, children are allowed to bring certain items to school and the children will be informed what these are. These items remain their responsibility.


Children are encouraged to bring named water bottles into school and may refill them during the day. Children should not bring fizzy drinks of any description, although they may bring a still drink to have with their lunch.