School Uniform

The children are expected to follow a code of dress. The policy of the school is to encourage children to take a pride in their appearance and to take care of their school clothing.

In common with all island schools we ask that you support our aim to provide a proper learning environment where there is no one-upmanship in what the children wear. Please ensure that your child does not wear clothes that are inappropriate to a place of learning such as denim jeans, large overshirts, football shirts, oversized clothes or beach wear. Children wearing such clothes will be asked not to do so in future.

Shoes: Black shoes. We do allow predominantly black trainers or hybrid trainer shoes but not any other colours. With the younger children we do allow navy shoes as we are aware that choice can be limited. We also allow sandals in summer providing they are correctly fitted ‘shoe’ sandals not beach sandals.

Trousers: Grey or black trousers.

Skirts: Grey or black skirts

Shorts: What constitutes acceptable shorts seems to cause the biggest problem. Grey, blue or black tailored school shorts only.

Shirts: Gold polo shirt.
Royal blue cardigan or sweatshirt with the school logo.

Blue and white summer dress.
Other items are considered non uniform and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Clothing for PE

PE is an important part of the curriculum and it is essential that children have suitable clothing. It is a good idea to keep the kit at school all week and to bring it home at the weekend for washing. Please bring PE kit in a draw-string type PE bag.(Available from school in house colours)

Indoor PE

All children must change for PE into shorts and a T-shirt which should be kept in a clearly named PE bag which can be kept on their peg. It is helpful if their kit is in their house colour. Children will be barefooted.

Reception children are not put into a house and may wear any colour PE kit.

Outdoor Games

Trainers or gym shoes will be required for outdoor games lessons. Depending upon the weather additional sports clothing such as a tracksuit or sweat top may be worn.


All children must wear a cap however short their hair. Proper swimming trunks should be worn. Please avoid baggy shorts as they can lead to difficulties when swimming. Waterproof swimming/ PE bags and caps are available from the office manager.