Help us to help your child

To help your child settle easily into school it would be helpful if they can achieve the following:

  • can dress themselves with minimal help
  • go to the toilet without assistance
  • have established sleeping habits
  • have confidence in being separated from their parents
  • have the ability and confidence to play and share with other children and to communicate with them
  • can talk confidently with adults and follow simple instructions

Prepare your child for school well in advance and make this a happy experience. Talk to your child about school and make it sound a happy and exciting place and something they can look forward to experiencing.

During your child’s first half term initial assessments are made of their developmental levels in different areas of learning. You will be asked to help to compile this by filling out a questionnaire and through discussions with the teacher.

Parental Concerns

Complaints of a minor nature may be dealt with by reference to an individual teacher at the end of the day after checking with the office manager that the teacher does not have prior meetings arranged.

Complaints of a more serious nature will be dealt with by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. If possible, contact the office manager or the Headteacher and make them aware of your concerns. This way your concern will be directed to the person in the best situation to help you.

Concerns of a very serious or personal nature should be directed to the Headteacher in the first instance.

If the matter remains unresolved, parents may contact the Education Department where it will be dealt with by the Administration Officer -Education, who will report it to the Director.

As a last resort, parents have the right of appeal to the President of the Education Department.

We would be grateful if you, as parents, would ensure that:

  • all money sent to school for various reasons is in a named envelope with the amount enclosed and what the money is for.
  • your child’s clothing and belongings are clearly named.
  • clear instructions are given about arrangements for going home, or being met from school.
  • On the first day of an absence a telephone call or e-mail to the office manager is required.
  • the school is kept informed of any anxieties that your child might have.

  • your children are encouraged to organise their own needs as far as possible.