Getting in touch with us

Your children’s best interests are served when there is regular contact between school and home. We hope that the relationship will be a friendly one and that you feel able to contact us when you feel the need. We will contact you if there are any problems and teachers will let you know if your child has done something particularly praiseworthy.

We have two formal opportunities for you to meet with your child’s teacher and it is recommended that you attend them both. The first meeting is towards the beginning of the year. The teachers will be able to tell you about the particular activities that children do during the year and discuss academic progress so far along with aims and targets.

During the year you will be able to visit your child’s teacher to discuss their progress. On these occasions it would be very helpful if parents who are separated or divorced attend these appointments together. This ensures that all parties are given the same information. Provision can be made, however, if this is not possible.

Should you need to talk to the teacher at any other time, please make an appointment through the school office manager unless it is merely a point of information such as a visit to the dentist. Please let the office manager know what the appointment is about so that the teacher can be prepared.

Should you wish to see Ms Paley, please make an appointment through the office manager and once again inform her of the purpose.