At Castel Primary School, we acknowledge that all pupils have individual needs. Any child may have special needs in varying degrees and at different times during their school life. All pupils have the right to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum to prepare them for adult life.

Identifying Special Needs

Some pupils, on entering Castel Primary, have already been identified as having Special Educational Needs (SEN) and outside agencies may be involved. They will be put on a SEN register and enter the Code of Practice at the appropriate stage of action.
From Year 1 Reception through to Year 6, the class teacher is responsible for identification, assessment and monitoring with regard to SEN, in consultation with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator [SENCO]. Once identified , children may be monitored and given support at School Action level and if necessary referred to an outside agency [school Action Plus].

Class Teacher

The teacher will consult with the SENCO if they themselves are concerned and /or parents. The class teacher will :plan and deliver differentiated activities for the children, use individual strategies to meet a child’s needs and work with the SENCO to devise an Individual Education Plan [IEP] and will attend review meetings.

SEN Register

From time to time children can need additional support for a whole variety of reasons. In accordance with the Guernsey Code of Practice, and so that we can monitor progress and keep our records up to date; if your child is receiving additional support or intervention, or if the teacher is using additional strategies to meet their needs, then their name will be included on the Special Educational Needs Register. This is a confidential list of names of children who receive additional support. It is seen only by the school and the Education Department. It is likely that your child’s name will come off the register after they have had extra support.


We aim to keep parents fully informed from initial identification through each stage of the Code of Practice. We believe parental partnership is the key to our children achieving success. Parents are invited to regular review meetings and in addition can meet with the SENCO and/or staff to discuss any concerns.

Outside Agencies

Termly planning meetings are held with the Educational Psychologist , other agencies involved with our children and our SENCO to discuss the needs of children on the SEN register needs and to prioritise time and resources available. We work closely with other agencies to ensure our children receive the highest level of support and care. Liaison meetings are held with all outside agencies as appropriate.