Leave of absence during School term

The key principles which underpin Castel’s procedures for managing attendance are that:

  • Parents and carers have a duty to ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually in order to get the most benefit from their education
  • Regular and punctual attendance at school is key to the academic and social development that will improve the life chances of learners
  • Learners who attend school regularly and punctually are less likely to be at risk, both in terms of engaging in anti-social behaviour and in terms of their own health, safety and welfare.

Any absence from school should follow the school’s Attendance and Punctuality Policy which is available on the school website.

The holiday absence request form can be downloaded here.

Absence through sickness

Please let the school know as soon as your child is absent for any reason. Please telephone before school starts, any time after 7.30am. Alternatively you could send an email to office@castel.sch.gg .

Unexplained absences may lead to an investigation by the School’s Attendance Service.
If your child has a particular medical or physical complaint, please ensure that the school is informed, preferably in writing, addressed to the Headteacher.

Bad weather

Very occasionally we have bad weather, usually snow, which would make it difficult or dangerous for children to try to get to school. If this happens please listen to Guernsey Radio or Island FM as the Education Department will make the decision if the schools will be closed and they will contact the radio stations. The school also has Twitter feed @CastelPrimary where up to date messages will be posted.

Pupil's property (clothing, spectacles, watches, bags, bicycles etc)

The school will take all reasonable measures to prevent loss or damage to pupils’ property, but if something belonging to a pupil is lost, stolen or damaged on school premises or during a school visit the school does not accept responsibility for meeting the cost of replacing the item.
Parents are recommended to protect their children’s property through their own household insurance.

Lost property

Lost property boxes are kept in the Junior cloakroom area and in the Infant activity area. The boxes can be inspected by parents. Due to the amount of unnamed lost property, any unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each term.lity bill.

Helping in School

At Castel school we are very fortunate to have parents and grandparents who help us in a variety of ways in and around school, on trips and during other activities.

As part of the Education Department’s Child Protection procedures all staff and volunteers working one to one with pupils are required to undergo a criminal screening process which includes completing a Police Disclosure form.

The normal process is that you would speak to the school office manager in the first instance and then contact Frossard House to arrange to complete the police check form. You will need two forms of photographic I.D and a utility bill.

Medicines and drugs

Children recovering from an illness should NOT administer any drugs to themselves. All medicines or drugs must be clearly named and taken to the school office manager with clear details of the administration of the correct dosage, the illness, the date and the name of the medicine.

Inhalers and epipens should be named and left in school. Please ensure that any long term medicine is kept in date as the school will not be able to check these.

If medication is no longer required, please notify the school, as we often find that we have medication left in our cupboard.

If possible all medicines should be administered at home. Medicines that are required three times a day can be administered outside of school hours.

Whilst we do our best to help you with your child’s medicinal needs, it must be noted that no member of staff can be required to administer medicine.

Your attention is drawn to the Education Board’s policy in which a note of authorisation from parents is required before medicine is administered.

Injury in School

If a child is injured at school and it is a minor cut or bruise we will deal with it here. If the child has a bump to the head we will place a yellow slip in their book bag. If this head, or any other injury, is more serious we will contact the parents.


Please do not send your child to school if they are ill. Schools are a perfect breeding ground for germs and whatever your child has will spread! In the event of your child being ill at school, we will contact you to collect them. This sometimes leads to false alarms, but as you can appreciate we are not doctors and cannot diagnose a genuine illness from ‘other’ reasons.

Fire drill

A Fire Drill is held during each term in accordance with the requirements of the States Education Department.


As with most schools in Guernsey, photographs of the children will be taken and will appear in the Guernsey Press or on the school website. When your child joins the school we ask you to sign a form allowing your child’s image to be used in a variety of media. The school will not select your children to be in these pictures unless you have signed this permission.

The School Nurse

The school nurse for Castel is Mrs Trudi Kent.

Pupils in the Reception Year are invited to attend a health review, in school, during the first year. The children will then be offered a further review in Year 3. Parents are sent a health questionnaire to complete prior to both of these reviews on which any problems or concerns can be identified.

The school nurse is able to carry out additional hearing, vision or health checks if requested by parents or if teaching staff are concerned. Parents or guardians will always be contacted for consent before any checks are carried out.

The school nurse no longer visits school to carry out regular inspections for head-lice. However it is recommended that carers should examine their child’s hair on a weekly basis. The school nurse is available for advice if you wish to contact her by telephone.

If you have any problems, behavioural or medical, the nurse can be contacted through school or by telephoning Lukis House on 725241 Ext 5240..